1. bimmerdriver's Avatar
    I'm running DM (Bundle 33) on Windows 7 Pro. Phone is running, was previously running, when I first noticed this problem.

    Lately, occasionally when I connect the phone and select applications in DM, it hangs and if I press a button on the phone, the phone reboots. After the phone reboots, DM will talk to it and can read the applications without the phone rebooting. Anyone had this happen or know of a fix?
    11-11-12 02:19 PM
  2. sheldonbk's Avatar
    I'd be tempted to uninstall DM and all device OS's that have been installed on your device first. Naturally backup your berry with DM & BB Protect. Then I'd reinstall DM (new download from blackberry.com/desktop) then wipe the berry (eg with bbsak) and reinstall OS.
    11-18-12 02:53 AM

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