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    Hi guys as a new blackberry user i updated my phone via installing a new software which was upto date from the blackberry website, during that time i did not take out my battery or sim card, anyhows afterwards i then with the blackberry desktop manager, backed up the phone as that it was my first time using the blackberry with the desktop softare, after the instalation of the new software which took about 20 minutes,

    i realised afterwards that all my phone messages were deleted(basicly all the incoming and outgoing text messages), my question is is there a way to get all my old messages back, these messages where not stored on the sim card itself but on the phone-if i restore the phone to the previous running software will that bring it back?

    i just went back to blackberry desktop manager and tried doing a restore but the same things happened again-this time todays text messages have been deleted??

    can someone please help?
    07-30-09 07:03 PM