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    I understand that if I enter the wrong password 10 times on a BB, that BB will be wiped and a new password is requested - right?

    What happens if I put the wrong password 10 times into a nuked BB using the Desktop Manager?

    02-09-10 03:05 PM
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    not sure I really understand whats going on, could you elaborate a little more? If its nuked, how are you even getting to the password screen, even via DTM?
    02-09-10 04:03 PM
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    A nuked berry can still be updated with an OS, thereby being de-nuked

    I think RIM may have improved the DM5 because it seems to catch the (password protected) nuked berry automatically. It says USB (0) instead of USB (PIN) and it prompts for the password, allowing 10 attempts. My question is, what happens when those 10 attempts are used?

    Answer: DM5 connects to various components (maybe 10 minutes) and then deletes all settings (including the password).

    Afterwards, DM5 downloaded and installed that latest compatible OS, initialised the device and its all working fine. DM5 is an amazing improvement on earlier builds and following at least another 30 minutes the nuked berry was completely de-nuked and back in business
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    02-09-10 04:18 PM