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    When i sync my blackberry to outlook all the tasks go into my phone as a time of 0:00 (midnight)

    Whereas my tasks all have proper times for reminder and due date etc in outlook ?

    I have around 4000 tasks and this is really a major problem !

    Is there something i am doing or is this an issue that can be fixed ?


    02-22-10 01:34 PM
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    Anyone ?......
    02-24-10 02:46 PM
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    Anyone ?......

    So has anyone got a clue on my problem here ?

    And along with this associated problem of all the tasks going to midnight i keep getting (2-3 times a week) an error on synching the tasks

    Its a connection specific error, i have looked at blackberrys support site and know that if i go into advanced on the phone and delete the tasks and then resync then its ok again - for about 2 days where upon i then get the same error again and when i fix it and resync it all my tasks default to midnight ?

    Im on windows 7 outlook (latest) - latest BB DM manager and latest OS for the 8120

    I have got hold of another 8120 and it also does it with this phone so i know its not a dodgy phone

    This is really getting me down now and im totally fed up with the BB and synching
    03-01-10 01:27 PM
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    I have more info

    (It windows 7 64 bit by the way)

    It seems that my old friend windoze is the problem

    Now the phone wont sync at all, its not recognised as a usb device

    I have tried everything on windows and BB service sites, deleteing the usbs from the device manager, reinstalling the drivers, clean install of bb dm etc

    Now my dell studio 1555 doesnt recognise anything usb at all and gives me a usb harware error

    Totally fed up with the whole Windows7 vs RIM ball game
    03-02-10 12:30 AM