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    Until recently I had both my personal and work contacts on my 9860, and I used to sync my Outlook and 9860 using the Desktop Software. Yesterday I decided to separate out my personal contacts on to Google contacts and then sync them back to my 9860 so both personal and work contacts were available still.

    Now when I go to sync with Desktop Software it tells me I have to turn off the google wireless sync which I do. Once I'm back in the Desktop Software I reconfigure the contacts sync to do a one way sync to my 9860 so I can add work contacts I have added in outlook. The only way I can get the work changes to be added back to my 9860 is to check the box for replace all entries on my 9860 with the Outlook contacts, when then erases the Google contacts that were wirelessly synced before.

    Question 1:
    Do I really have to go through this procedure every time I need to add a contact from Outlook onto my device or am I doing something wrong to be able to continue on with the two way sync I used to be able to do without adding all my personal Google contacts back to my outlook?

    Question 2:
    Do I really have to turn off wireless sync in the Google contacts every time I want to do this or again am I doing something wrong?

    12-03-12 12:13 PM

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