1. ve6sar's Avatar
    Good Day,

    Is there a way I can sync the calendar on my 8330 with the Outlook calendar with out losing my long term entries in Outlook?

    As it stands now when I sync my phone, Desktop Manager wants to delete my entries in Outlook that are older then 3 months I believe. I use Outlook to keep a record of what and when I did things at work.

    03-10-10 09:41 AM
  2. eyalkattan's Avatar

    When you created the sync profile in DM, you were asked if you want to sync all tasks or only new ones. you may have selected All.
    I believe if you select "Only New" this should be fixed.

    In the DM, go to Synchronize then click on Synchronization and then:

    1. Click on Tasks
    2. Click on setup
    3. Select Outlook and click next
    4. Select 2-way and click Next
    5. Select "Transfer only pending items" and click Next
    6. Click finish

    I hope this helps.

    03-12-10 02:15 PM