1. sunone's Avatar
    I have a blackberry curve with Desktop manager My OS is 4.3 and I want to upgrade to the offical 4.5 relese from Alltel (I think this is the latest one from Alltel). I use BIS. My work IT person put the desktop manager on my work computer so that I can sync contacts etc... I also put the desktop mananger on my home computer so that I can download music, pictures etc... that are not work related. This works well. My work IT guy is not excited about spending the time to help me get the OS upgrade. I can't do it through my work computer without him because he has to use his password to allow such downloads. So if I do the OS upgrade through my home desktop manager will I still be able to sync my blackberry at work with no problems? I am worried that if I download the new OS at home I won't be able to sync at work. Thanks for your help.
    03-14-09 01:36 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    As long as you are on BIS and not BES, then upgrading your OS at home should have no effect on your ability to sync at work using Desktop Manager.
    03-14-09 01:56 PM