1. Matt_AC's Avatar
    You've all been great in the past. I'm hoping you can continue the streak!

    I've just been provided with a work BlackBerry Curve 8310, which means I will no longer get work correspondence on my personal BlackBerry Storm 9530. I'm thankful for this! However, residual remnants of my connection to BES on my BlackBerry Storm 9530 remain. I've managed to clear just about all of it off, but the one nagging thing is the Desktop icon. I don't want it and I don't want to "Hide" it. I want it completely deleted.

    I thought to use CrackUtil and reset the IT Policy to factory default, but I get the following message when I use the CrackUtil software: "Password Incorrect or Phone not connected. Please Restart Program." I'm entering in my correct password. I also tried every single other password I've ever used, and I also tried it with a blank password. It makes no difference; I still get that error message. I don't start CrackUtil until Windows 7 confirms for me that my BlackBerry Storm 9530 is detected properly, so I don't know what in the world CrackUtil is complaining about, but I can't use it.

    Does anybody have any helpful tips for me? If I must, I'll blow the OS out and do a full reinstall, but for reasons I'm sure all of you could guess, I really don't feel like doing that. There has to be a better solution than wipe/reinstall. Right? I'm counting on you! :)
    03-18-10 12:54 PM
  2. cortecds's Avatar
    I think that you may have to wipe the phone and start over.
    But I don't really know for sure.
    I had a similar problem with a non BES email address.
    03-18-10 05:20 PM
  3. Baal's Avatar
    Security wipe is probably the easiest way.
    03-18-10 05:43 PM