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    I was running DM 4.2.2 on work (microsoft exchange) pc left on all the time for redirector, as was not allowed to join the BES network as contracter. All worked fine.
    Work was running microsoft Exchange on outlook 2000.
    Just been upgraded to outlook 2003 on to upgraded 2007 server.
    Everything has stopped. I have upgraded to current DM, cleaned directorys over and over again, battery pulls, phone wipe and so on, uninstall and re-install.
    Situation now. DM links to outlook 2003 ok with contacts calender and so on.. and delivers to device through usb, except email. When I connect redirector button, it will not show pin and says "not configured - please run desktop manager"
    Done this and changed settings back and forth.
    Services: on phone show my company address in general settings
    The only thing left I think is the since I have had the exchange change to 2007 has dm setting somewhere still looking at wrong place to under profile "MAPI"
    Ps all work emails are normal to pc

    Totaly lost
    07-01-10 07:28 AM
  2. PaulCDT's Avatar
    Still need help
    07-05-10 07:58 AM
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    Hi Paul

    after several days navigating through the forums, I found your post, which describes exactly my same problem.

    I have tried with the so called "DBCLEAN" unsuccessfully, so now I'm completely blocked.

    My Exchange server admin does not allow me to redirect messages of "forwarding rules", so nothing left in my brain now.

    didi you solve it? any idea?

    thanks in advance
    07-21-10 04:25 AM