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    I need some help figuring out why the "Email Settings" is missing from a version of Desktop Manager 4.7. I have a Curve 8310 from ATT and one of my co-workers got the Curve 8330 from ALLTEL for Christmas. We are trying to set it up the same way that I have mine set up. We loaded Desktop Manager 4.7 from the Blackberry.com site but on his desktop, but it won't let us check the box for Reconcile Messages and the icon for "Emial Settings" is missing from the main menu. Neither Blackberries are on a BES and we were able to set his up to get his email and synchronize with Contact and Calendar from Outlook 2007. We need the Email Settings icon so we can synchronize his sent messages from this Blackberry to his sent messages file on his desktop. I can't figure out why this feature would be missing. Is the software load different for the ALLTEL phone so as to prevent this feature or did we just miss something in the loading of desktop manager?

    12-29-08 05:18 PM
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    I didnt have that icon on 4.2 SP2, 4.6 B15, 4.6 B23 and 4.7 until i adjusted my BIS settings. Its one of your settings that is not allowing that option, posted about this right around 2 weeks ago i believe. There should be 6 icons total on the DM. You can sync his data using Syncronize option. It will state under it "Change options for syncronizing e-mail messages and organizer data", and give the option to Sync by hitting the Synchtonize button.
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    12-29-08 05:36 PM
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    4.5 w/E-Mail Settings icon

    4.5 w/out

    4.6 with

    4.6 w/out
    12-29-08 05:46 PM
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    how do i do this!!!! I've looked all over the interweb and just can't find a solid solution...

    I have a new storm, installed 4.7 DM that came with it, using BIS, never have had the "Email Settings" icon available.

    What am i missing?
    01-06-09 02:16 PM
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    Does somebody has the explanation about this problem, because the one that showed pictures in the thread, didn't explain how he did that?
    04-18-09 08:43 AM
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    I believe you would get the Email setting icon only if you install the DM for BES, it will not show if set up for BIS integration. This is an option you get during the set up of the software. Newer versions default to BIS.

    If this device is not going on a BES server it installed correctly and just use the Email setting on the device. If it is going on a BES, remove the DM and re-install it. Then make sure at the integration option you select BES
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    04-18-09 08:48 AM
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    I have installed DM the first time as BIS User, and the Email settings were there. Now, I can't get them back, after I played a lot with the bb and DM, because I'm a new user of BB

    I think that the icon from Email settings should show also for BIS, because for example, there is the possibility to synchronize the sent messages with your outlook between DM and bb.

    What do you think?
    04-18-09 10:18 AM
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    I run 4.6- no email settings for BIS user. Normally DM will not sync email, not designed to. If you set for BES and sync your device to your computer, you run the risk of getting email from Research In Motion RIM, that say do not delete. This is another nightmare. then you need re-install the DM for BIS and delete service books on your device and resend them. These emails can come in mass amounts in a day. If you need to back up your emails, get in the habit of running back ups, this will save your email

    You cannot read these back ups on a computer without the use of third party software.
    04-18-09 10:26 AM
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    lastraid, thank you for your answer. First, I found the problem, and you were right. It IS the difference if you install DM for BIS or BES. Actually, this is the first time what happened to me:

    I installed DM from the CD I got with the bb. I chose there BIS User. But after the installation, I made an online update of the DM, and it downloaded and installed a 111mb update. After computer restart, there were the email settings button / icon. The thing was, the the DM update automatically CHANGED the installation from BIS User to BES User, without my knowledge and input. Why, don't ask me, I don't know

    So problem solved.

    But, now another one. If I do as you say, and install DM as BIS User, how can I synchronize ONLY the sent messages from my blackberry, with the Sent messages folder in my outlook. This is important for me, because when I later receive the messages from the POP Server into my Outlook, I don't know whether I have replied to a message or not. Is there a way to do this somehow as a bis user ? or some third party application or something that you can suggest ?
    04-18-09 11:13 AM
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    I do not think this is option. The only other thing I might think to to set up an auto CC to yourself when you send something.
    04-18-09 11:18 AM
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    Yea, well, I think that that is the only solution too. And then set a filter in Outlook to put such received messages into sent items.

    Thank you
    04-18-09 11:56 AM
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    email setting only show up when you intal dm for bes.
    04-18-09 12:27 PM