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    I figured out what the situation was. When I backed my first Tour up, it listed 20 sounds. One of these sounds was mine, and one was the sample song. That is why during the restoration process it only listed 18 sounds. For whatever reason, my own sound couldn't be transferred, and neither could the sample song (guessing for licensing reasons?).

    Hey all.

    Bought by Tour about 5 days ago. The trackball stopped working horizontally so I took it back to Best Buy today and exchanged it for a new one. Before I did so, I used the Desktop Manager to backup the phone data. During the process it did mention something about not being able to backup sound data, but I didn't pay it much mind.

    With my new Tour, I started up the Desktop Manager and restored the data to this phone (mainly for my contacts). It said all data would be replaced, as opposed to just adding the data banks together as a whole. That said, now I'm worried I might have lost some files. I noticed I no longer have the sample song that my first Tour had, so it just makes me wonder if there's more I don't have...

    Would anyone have any sort of method for me to check? I'd just like to have everything that was included on the phone from the manufacturer.

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