1. MMMM619's Avatar
    With the new BB desktop software, I can't put the ringtones I download into the ringtones file. Everything goes auto to music. How do I take those in music and make them ringtones. If I choose one, it goes to "all profiles". I want to add all these "music" tones to my ringtones group. Help, please!
    09-12-10 05:32 PM
  2. smyth_ish's Avatar
    Don't sync ringtones via Desktop Manager. Just put your device in mass storage mode, navigate to the ringtones folder via My Computer and drag 'n' drop your tones into the folder!
    09-12-10 05:39 PM
  3. MMMM619's Avatar
    That is a great idea. But when I go to my computer>ringtones, it shows them in the folder. When I look at the phone, they are not there. Please advise...thanks so much,
    09-12-10 08:39 PM