1. medievalist's Avatar
    I have an HP Mini. When I open Media Sync on the BB desktop manager, the screen resolution prevents me from seeing the "Sync" button at the bottom. So, I can see all my playlists, the "Random" button, and the disk usage guide, but I have no way to actually sync when I'm ready to do so. I've tried:

    1) tabbing manually down to the sync button. This doesn't work.
    2) resizing the Media Sync window (in order to reveal the "sync" button). This doesn't work either--for some reason the program will not allow me to drag the window corners.
    3) maximizing the window. Nope--the "sync" button is still hidden.

    Any thoughts? I would like having music on my Torch someday. Thanks!
    07-21-11 08:32 AM
  2. barbwyr's Avatar
    I'm sure by now you have figured it out but since I just saw this while searching for something else, I will answer for someone in the future. Try using the Hide Taskbar method. That's what I do on my Gateway Netbook. I had the same problem along with similar problems in other programs and that worked.
    02-04-12 01:16 AM