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    Hey guys!

    Alright, so my blackberry has been acting up lately and I've been getting very frustrated... anyways, it wanted to do one more thing to me to get me absolutely furious!

    Okay, so basically what's happening with my phone is that it randomly wiped itself, now it won't let me set up a BIS email account, and has been very glitchy.

    Now about this thread. The problem: So I connect my blackberry to the Blackberry Desktop Manager and wanted to add/remove applications. Anyways, it syncs up and I then go to "Applications". I click the wants I want to add and remove, and then click okay. About 1 minute in, I get the follow error message "(net_rim_bb_browser_wap_provisioning) failed the checksum". I have a picture attached for a better understanding.

    Anyways, what do I do about this error, how can I go about removing this error and adding and removing the applications I want.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you so much in advance,

    06-10-11 05:32 PM