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    Hey, I have big problems here, I just got the the blackberry curve 9300 3G I upgraded from the curve 8320. I got 6 gig of data so I can tether because I don't have the internet at home on my desk top. I was expecting the disk that came with the new phone would have the updated version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager, but it didn't the disk it gave me was just a link to a internet website to download it. So long story short I only have the version 4.5 that came with my 8320. I called and talked to my service provider and there was nothing they could do.

    I was really hoping that someone here might know how to tether on the 4.5 version or have a suggestion for what I do to get the updated version??

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    09-12-10 09:04 AM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Find a friend with a computer with internet access.
    Go to the BlackBerry.com website and download the file for the updated BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    Copy it to flash drive.
    Take it home and install it on your computer.

    As a side note, it would seem like if your carrier is including tethering in your data plan, that they would provide you will the facilities to do so. What carrier are you on? Are you sure your plan includes tethering?
    09-12-10 11:24 AM
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    Same here, pal, find someone with Internet and download the latest version of DM

    Stop trying to invent the wheel!!
    09-12-10 04:07 PM
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    Thank you I think that's my only option! Oh well I'll do that! Thanks for the help! And I'm with rogers

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    09-12-10 05:43 PM