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    Hi - I need some help w/my Pearl 8130 (Verizon) and using Desktop Manager (v. 4.7) synchronization of tasks and calendar items. The sync works - but I have 2 problems. I'm using 2 way sync and have it setup to notify me of conflicts, if they occur (and Outlook 2007 data file wins):

    1. After sync, if I have any LONG tasks setup in Outlook, it automatically deletes/truncates/shortens the task in Outlook, I'm assuming if it exceeds a certain size or length. I want to avoid this and sync the ENTIRE task - regardless of length. I swore in an older version of Desktop Manager or on the phone or something you could choose to manage a certain size or "all" sizes but I can't find this anywhere. How do I prevent the sync from shortening the text/content of my tasks setup in Outlook?

    2. After sync, most/all of my appointments setup in outlook REMOVE the attendees - so when I go into that appointment again in Outlook to change/modify - the attendees are completely blank. This stinks and while it is still in the attendees calendar (if they accepted it), I don't know who I originally had on the invite and if I have to change it - I have to go back in and re-add the attendees (assuming I remember). How do I get the sync to avoid deleting my attendees?

    Thanks for whatever help I can get on this - I can't find anything else about this.
    05-29-09 08:33 AM