1. brianteel's Avatar
    I have installed a few of the OS before and never had a problem. with .132 i installed like i have done all the rest but when i start the desktop manager the only things showing up is .75 and .65. can someone please give me some help at where i am missing something.
    04-23-09 06:25 AM
  2. brianteel's Avatar
    well i think i got it. had to delete the vender file on this one which i have never done before.
    04-23-09 06:29 AM
  3. Phoctifino's Avatar
    That's it. I forget to do it and then think "sh*t, what's wrong?". It only needs done with 'official' releases and as they're like hens teeth forgetting is perfectly OK lol!

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    04-23-09 06:35 AM
  4. brianteel's Avatar
    now my problem is when i try to install it says no new software. i have never had this many problems. I know it is all user error just dont know where
    04-23-09 06:37 AM
  5. Lylej2k's Avatar
    disconnect from the internet. that should fix it.
    04-23-09 06:56 AM
  6. draiko's Avatar
    I've had this happen before as well where the OS won't show up. I've always been able to correct it by uninstalling the OS update, then reinstalling, deleting the vendor.xml file and then opening desktop manager all while my BB is plugged into the computer. May not work for everyone but has worked for me each time.
    04-23-09 07:18 AM
  7. Rags1214's Avatar
    delete the vender.xml, restart your computer. go to the file with the loader.exe in it and right click it, run as administrator and that should work as well
    04-23-09 08:45 AM