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    ok. here's the deal. i have a pc; blackberry tour (soon to be a bb 9930);and, soon, an ipad. BUT i am NOT an enterprise person. i sync my outlook (which includes calendar,contacts and a verylong number of 'notes' (which i think of as memos with many categories) via a cable from my computer to my bb. i would like an ipad and to also have outlook on there and to keep it synced...even if it's just once a day by cable when i get home.
    if i try to sync my ipad to itunes, i think it stops the functionality of desktop manager to sync.

    help oh help please. can i make this work? (I need to know before i order the new 9930 and sign up for a new 2 year contract. )

    thanks. (hoping i put this in the correct forum. )
    12-01-11 10:58 PM
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    ok...that was useful...not. hoping someone else will have an answer. i think i'm searching for 'one ring to rule them all' kind of thing...without going to exchange. hoping this bumps this post for new and useful comments.
    12-03-11 12:00 PM