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    We just published a new application for BlackBerry users, available in the Mac App Store: MyTexts for BlackBerry!

    This is the first application in the App Store that extracts your SMS messages from Desktop Manager backups (both Mac & Windows version!).
    You can save exported messages in the "classic" CSV format (if you are a developer or if you want to import data into Excel or databases), or in a set of good-looking and user-friendly HTML pages, which can be opened and printed with any web browser!
    It's really, really simple to use, and very intuitive!

    Please take a look at it in the App Store!
    Just search for "MyTexts for BlackBerry"!
    (we are not allowed to post links, sorry!)

    Thank you!

    Let's Dev It
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    I receive the following error messae when trying to extract texts from a backup. "Database file not found in extracted archive" I have been using your app since you released it. However it has not worked for me since April 2013. Please help.
    [email protected]
    05-17-14 11:29 AM