1. new_to_BB's Avatar
    Hi, the 2nd time I connected my phone with the computer before installed my desktop manager, I did not pay attention to the pop up box i just kept clicking okay, and it turned out that it filled my memory card full with the music files/folders in my computer(i have several music folders under My Document, and it literally had music files/folders from all these places), and the music files and folders were ALL outside of the BlackBerry folder.

    It was pretty cool, but now I have desktop manager installed and try to replicate the situation, can't seem to do it no more???
    The reason i want to do this again is because I think it was pretty organized to have the exact same music folders in my computer replicated in my phone(the emphasis is that the video files contained in these music folders did NOT get copied to my card, it was really neat), outside of the blackberry folder.
    and in Desktop Manager - Media then either Media manager or Media sync, I cannot sync the whole folders outside the BlackBerry folder.

    I am so confused about what I did but it would be cool to replicate what i did again, anyone know?
    03-21-10 02:25 PM
  2. damedash15's Avatar
    I agree that sounds nice, but I have no idea how you would do that sorry
    03-28-10 06:07 PM