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    I am having issues in last 24 hours with Media Sync on desktop manager specifically with music sync'ing. Had my 9800 since July and been using Blackberry since 2004 and I havent come across this problem in the past.

    I have googled the issue and look on other forums for fixes but nothing has worked thus far. Blackberry's help site on the topic isnt much help and I have done everything from uninstalling Wi-Fi sync and re-installing, deleting the media sync music files off the phone and uninstallled and re-installed Desktop manager. Also deleted files from Itunes etc.

    Irony is that my playbook music backs up and I can sync but not my Torch! But then my Playbook cant back apps up. Again it backed up before when I got it for Xmas but in last week I have managed to get it to back up once after numerious attempts during a selective back up.

    Is this an issue with current version of Desktop Software or something else?
    01-18-12 04:11 AM
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    hello, i have same issue synching music files. I also tried removing and reloading software and media files. yes, the blackberry help site did not help me. my playbook is not affected(?) update: started windows media player and prompted to synch media with my blackberry device. I synched my music files using windows media player. Then I relaunched blackberry desktop software, which prompted me to use BB media synch to manage my music and avoid duplication. I selected "yes" and BB desktop media synch returned to normal. I wish someone could explain why this happened?
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    03-10-12 09:46 AM
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    This also has got me beat i have tried uninstalling media files sync deleted all my music off phone but still getting music services failed to load. an unexpected error has occured. Like the above posts say Bberry is no help does any 1 know whats going on....

    07-08-12 02:47 AM
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    i am having the same problem can anyone help?
    07-08-12 11:10 PM