1. pinkcurve22's Avatar
    i sync my 8330 with outlook 07. all of my business appointments are booked on the desktop computer, and all personal appointments are booked on bb. for quite a while, things synced great back and forth. now, when i sync, after it finishes, i have extra "copies" of biz appointments in my bb calendar. ie: tuesday @ 2pm, there are 5 appointments, all with the same client's name.
    i feel like this is taking up too much room (not to mention is annoying as all get out) and causing the phone to run slowly. i tried adjusting the sync configuration to default to only the desktop, thinking it would override all the old appts on bb, and install new ones. nope, just an extra copy of each pre-exisiting desktop appointment.
    i am sure this must be common and fixable, but i need a little hand-holding, i suppose.
    help, please. thank you.
    11-03-09 04:09 PM