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    I've just moved to a Windows/Outlook platform from a Mac (save your condolences!).

    I've been trying to sync to outlook, but discovered the following:


    Multiple calendars were created, included one by Facebook. I really only want one calendar. Unfortunately, only the "Facebook" calendar syncs and I can't see a way to specify to sync the calendar called "default" which has all my entries in it.

    Address Book:

    Somehow multiple address books were created. I now have two address books called "desktop" - both of which I want to keep, and one called xxxx@gmail.com, which I don't want to keep. I really only need one address book. For some reason, the only one that syncs is the one associated with the email address. I never specifically set up separate address books and suspect something happened when syncing on my mac

    How do I get all of the entries from the calendars and the address books into Outlook?
    10-21-10 11:58 AM