1. Razor23259's Avatar
    Hello; if there is a thread that may answer my question(answer, not just address), please lead me to it. Otherwise, this is my specific problem.

    I have two devices; a 9800 and a 'newly' acquired 8900 (irony in numbers, I was expecting an 8950 regardless). I find it unpleasant enough that I have to run Windows (Linux as main OS) for the Desktop Mngr, but that I can get over. I was thinking that I could plug in the older device, and it the program would welcome it in with loving arms, like it did with my Torch. I reasoned that, similarly to iTunes, it should be able to distinguish the phones separately (it does), it would offer the same welcome for all devices (it does, so i've seen), and that I would be able to use both devices. It cannot.

    Forums all over claim the ease of it in the newest manager, of which I possess, but the absolute ONLY option I am given is to plug in my 'old' phone, and migrate it's data onto my 'new' phone. This could be a problem if one of them breaks.

    Can someone help me? All i want to do it upgrade the OS on the Curve -___-
    09-28-11 10:52 PM
  2. Deathcommand's Avatar
    Upgrade the OS with App Loader Instead. Much better.

    I should ask the curve is a new or old device. Just set it up as a new one and tell it not to back it up. Then Upgrade.
    09-28-11 11:05 PM