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    I connect my torch (AT&T) and on BB desktop manager click 'mobile internet'. It says: " Failed to start mobile internet. Initialization of mobile internet failed. Please check radio is on bla bla bla....". radio on my torch is on and connected via USB to my laptop. I have the 2gb data plan. AT&T disabled this option? anyway to use tether with my AT&T torch?
    12-12-10 05:46 PM
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    AT&T has always required that you pay for an additional tethering plan. There is an app that others use to get around this but you will be violating your AT&T contract terms.
    12-12-10 05:51 PM
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    You can also do a search. The instructions to get around this are in either the how to section or the tethering section. They are not specific to the Torch.

    Either way you are taking a huge change as billing is extra for Tethering. Pulling data from a laptop will get huge fast.

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    12-12-10 07:53 PM