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    Hi Guys,

    apologies if this is a duplicate but i cant find any other posts explaining how to solve my problem.

    For some reason today, my DM wont load.
    When i open it, the Windows Installer box comes up and says basically that it cant find the 8520.msi file.

    There is a browse button to find it but obviously i dont know where this file might be.

    I cant get rid of the box whatever i click (either OK or Cancel) and can only get rid when i go to Task Manager and end the task.

    Tried to re-install DM with the Modify option which didnt work.

    Also un-installed the program and re-installed and still same thing comes up!!!

    Any help greatly appreciated!!

    PS - It is a company laptop but private phone so im not confident enough (or stupid enough) to mess around with reg edits etc on company laptop so any different way of solving this would be appreciated.

    Please also reply in lay-mans terms if possible.

    11-17-09 10:09 AM