04-15-11 08:40 PM
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  1. Jaszman's Avatar
    grfxguy, This is twice you'r clear, helpful, posts have helped me solve a problem I was having, and what's great is the first time was about 5 months ago in the Blackberry Forums, and today in the Crackberry Forums. Nice to see your posts again.
    01-12-11 05:28 PM
  2. SkippyPT's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip above it seemd to work.. mostly. I have this problem previously on my old laptop but didn't worry about it since I was moving to a new one shortly.

    I cannot sync the Calendar it shows as "(not installed)" on the DS. I'm running Win 7 64bit, Office 2010 64 and the fixed worked for the other three organizer section?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    01-14-11 12:59 PM
  3. cayman2010's Avatar

    I had a issue with DM6 not recognizing my Outlook 64 bit for months now and I just started a new thread this morning.

    Thankfully I came across your suggestion here and it seems to be working ok. Can I copy and paste your solution into my new thread or can you do it? I'm sure it will help many others - just don't want to take credit for you solution!

    Thank you so much! Now I can update my phone. :-)
    01-16-11 10:16 AM
  4. hayotammling's Avatar
    I've been a long-time BB users with various versions of Office. Thought BB was supposed to have fixed these issues with Desktop Software 6.x, but apparently not. After doing a clean install & setup of a new laptop running Windows 7 x64 and Office 2010 x86, I installed the latest version of BB Desktop Software. Upon setting up Outlook sync for the first time, was promptly met with the message from Outlook Connector that "Microsoft Outlook is not installed on this computer." Funny, I'd been using Outlook on that computer for several days with it "not installed."

    After spending some time Googling and searching for an answer, I found something to point me in the right direction, and refined it a bit to make it easier.

    SOLUTION: Assuming you have the latest Desktop Manager installed from BB, with both BB & OL 2010 closed
    1. Open Control Panel and click Mail
    2. When the window pops up, click on Show Profiles
    3. Select your profile and click the Copy button. Name the copy whatever you want - we won't be keeping it around long.
    4. Start Desktop Manager and connect your BB.
    5. Start configuring your Organizer, but choose the copy profile for any item. Click OK when DS asks about remapping folders.
    6. After configuring any Outlook component, click OK until you get back to your main DS window. At this point, you should not get the previous error message.
    7. Go back into DS and configure all your Outlook components with your original profile. You will get the folder remapping message again - just click OK.
    8. When you're done, click OK until you're back at the main DS window. You shouldn't get any error messages at this point.
    9. From Control Panel, go back in to Mail and delete the duplicate profile you previously created.
    Great tip, however i am stuck at #5:

    How do i copy the profile into the address book or any of the other items?

    THANK YOU!!!
    02-10-11 01:19 PM
  5. cayman2010's Avatar
    Basically when you are in Desktop Manager (after setting up a 2nd email profile from Control Panel) Just go into your DM settings this way by following these steps:

    Configure settings
    Select the new profile
    Ok, save ... then go right back in and select your old Outlook profile
    and then everything should sync.

    Hope this helps!
    02-10-11 11:40 PM
  6. SGDELAME9800's Avatar
    I am syncing ok with MS-Office 2010 and the most recent version of DM.

    If I may ask, I have multiple email accounts which are listed in Outlook and my 9800. When I create a calendar entry in the phone and do not use my Outlook default email account the entry does not show in Outlook. If anyone knows of a fix please tell me thanks
    03-30-11 02:05 AM
  7. eBud's Avatar
    I've been working for days to undo some corrupted files (Windows 7 Home Ed.). One of the casualties of this absolute mess was my BBDM 6. Wouldn't sync Office 2003 to my 8900 anymore. Yes, I know you guys are referencing Office 2010, but this link may help you as it did me.

    KB13801-"Unknown Error Reported" appears when synchronization settings are configured in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager

    This section of the link worked for me.

    "Turn off User Account Control in Windows 7 by completing the following steps:

    On the computer, go to Start > Control Panel.
    Click on User Accounts.
    Select Change User Account Control settings.
    Move the slider bar to Never Notify to turn off Account Control.
    Click OK.
    Restart the computer."

    Anyway, it's all I've found that actually fixed the problem. It's as though W7 sees every non-MS program as an alien and will not permit it to execute. Turning off account control allows BBDM to run as it should, alien or not.
    04-15-11 08:40 PM
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