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    I switched from my Curve 8330 to a Tour a few months and now am not able to sync the way I did with my Curve.

    I take notes daily using MemoPad and multiple entries and would then sync them using Desktop Manager. However, I had it set up so that it would copy my new entries to Outlook, but not delete any entries from Outlook.

    So, if I had three MemoPad items named A,B, & C, I would copy them to Outlook using this method. Then, I'd delete them from my BB and the next day would create D, E, & F. That evening, I'd "sync" those. Opening Outlook, I would have A,B,C,D,E, & F. Now, it's deleting A, B, & C since they're deleted on my BB.

    I remember it being this way initially, but I obviously found some way around it. Obviously, it's not really "syncing" that I want to do, but since this was accomplished while all of the other syncing took place, it worked great.

    I've tried playing around with some of the Conflict Resolution settings under Advanced settings, but "Device wins" or "Add all conflicting items" doesn't seem to work, either. From the description, it seems that "Add all..." should do what I'm looking for. I can't remember if that's what my Curve was set on. Could it be a Tour/DM issue?

    Does anyone have any suggestions? It'd be much appreciated. However, I would prefer to stay away from any third party routes.
    02-01-10 03:52 PM