1. ARM77's Avatar

    All over the Blackberry site are descriptions of how easily MediaSync (part of Desktop Manager in MacLand) will read yor iTunes playlists and copy the ones you select.

    I have the latest version of EVERYTHING (Mac OS X, iTunes, BB OS and Desktop Manager.)

    I've tried everything I can find on all the forums, everything suggested on the BB official site, and this friggin' brick cannot see any of my playlists. All it does when I connect is to open iPhoto for some unknowable reason.

    What do I have to do to play music on my Tour 9630 (and I'm not manually copying mp3s using Mass Storage mode. I want my playlists that I spent hours creating.)

    And why does RIM insist that this works? It just plain does not.


    08-10-10 06:53 PM
  2. krayziebydaflesh's Avatar
    i got fed up with the Mac version since the 1st week of it's initial debut and decided to Run the Windows version under VMware Fusion. Under VMware everything works perfect. With every update of the Mac version i check to see if RIM stepped their game up so i can finally do away with windows but based on the trend i dont think we will see this happen for another year or 2
    08-10-10 09:43 PM