1. JRicco's Avatar
    I have recently decided that I would like to use BlackBerry Desktop for...well everthing that it offers. I wanted to start with music first. So last night I loaded it up, did the backup for my phone, seems as if that went pretty smooth, though I haven't gone back in to see if all the info and files are there. When I set up the Media Sync, it seemed as if that went well also. It loaded up my music without me having to do anything...until I noticed that it only pulled 42 of my 237 songs off iTunes. So I deleted those, and tried to select and drag all 237 songs, and again, it only transferred over 42 of them. Why is this? Is it me, or somthing that I don't realize?

    I also wanted to know, since I got frustrated and stopped messing with it last night, can you import a CD into BlackBerry Desktop/Media Sync?

    Thank You for any help

    05-20-10 12:03 PM