1. zinadork's Avatar
    Does media sync avoid duplicating files that are on the internal memory if you are loading your media card?
    11-22-09 10:29 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
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    11-22-09 11:01 PM
  3. zinadork's Avatar
    Does anyone know?
    11-23-09 02:02 AM
  4. aldo818's Avatar
    I donno but my media sync doesn t work with the 9700. It works with the 9000 perfectly. I have desktop manager 5.0 and on both bb OS 5.0
    11-24-09 07:30 AM
  5. zinadork's Avatar
    Does it work now that they updated Media Sync?
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    11-24-09 09:04 PM
  6. vikingjunior's Avatar
    Media sync is garbage, as I just spent 2 days trying to get my computer back to normal as Media sync basically hijacked my computer.

    Drag and Drop!
    11-30-09 07:12 PM