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    I was able to reorganize my Outlook 2010 yesterday. Now, I have just one universal inbox and one universal address book for my four email accounts. Another words, my Outlook 2010 is just like the previous Outlook versions. I had a Microsoft tech guy set it up all for me. Now I have one data file called "Outlook".

    I tried to sync my Torch this morning and unfortunately I received an error stating: "One or more configured folders is not available. Update folder mapping and try again". Once I hit "ok", the next screen has a box on the top indicating folder mapping. There are no options available for me to select. The box is empty. This is the same for not just the Calendar but for everything else.

    How can I map DM6 to my new data file? Should I just reinstall DM6 again?
    05-05-11 08:53 AM