1. NevadaJake's Avatar
    How do you access the internal memory of a BlackBerry from Desktop 6.0? I would like to move some ringtones off my Media Card into the internal Memory.
    09-30-10 05:26 PM
  2. ridesno159's Avatar
    You can't, the 8530 has no internal memory other than the memory for the OS, messages, contacts, etc, which can't be accessed.

    Even if you could it wouldn't be a good idea because it would probably slow your device down.
    09-30-10 05:35 PM
  3. NevadaJake's Avatar
    Is that for real? If so, that's actually a good move on RIM's part. I always thought it was confusing on my old 8330 since it had some internal storage.
    09-30-10 05:56 PM
  4. ridesno159's Avatar
    Well, I'm not entirely sure how and what it was for the 8330, but like my 9550 has a 2gb of internal memory that acts like an internal memory card. It can be used for storing music or anything else that a memory card usually would. That's on top of the app memory (OS, messages, apps, etc) that it has, like I explained above.

    Now my 9650 is like your 8530 that it has only one drive available in it, and then the memory card slot. Why RIM chooses to put an internal drive in some phones and not others is anyone's guess, I've wondered why many times. I have a good size memory card in my 9550 (16gb), so I store nothing in my 2gb of internal memory.

    The only advantage of it I assume is it's more secure when you don't encrypt your memory card (which can cause some compatibility issues when wanting to view those files on a device that isn't your BB). You're able then to store your sensitive files on it, and have it password protected by your phone. So if you'd ever lose your phone the thief wouldn't be able to access them by just removing your memory card and putting it in a reader.

    I hope this cleared some stuff up for you and didn't make you more confused...
    09-30-10 06:43 PM
  5. NevadaJake's Avatar
    I figured out how to browse to the file structure on the phone and on the card by going through the Files application. It looks like there is internal memory that mirrors the folder structure on my media card. I can only view this from the phone. Not from Windows Explorer when I connect via USB and not from the Desktop Manager software.

    It looks like it is called "Device Memory" (32 MB). The path appears to be: /Device Memory/home/user/________

    I think I used to be able to manage this from the Desktop Application. Copy files in and out of here. Not anymore I suppose.
    10-01-10 10:18 AM