1. sbi's Avatar
    Ever since I installed (once...) DM 6.0 in my XP Pro PC, all I have is problems. And I can't seem to get rid of this curse.

    I just cleaned my registry from any RIM traces and re-installed DM 5.
    Trying to run BBSAK - Error.
    Trying to run load.exe and getting the following message:
    The Application Loader Wizard requires the BB Device Manager to be installed. Please contact Customer Support.
    Well, it is installed and it is running....
    Nothing seems to work. BBDM 6 got stuck in Add/Remove programs, I had to use 3rd party to get rid of it.

    I uninstalled everything again, removed everything from registry.
    Now when I double click a .wav file, Windows Media Player opens up along with BBDM Configuration Wizard.

    Any idea how get rid of this other than formatting my HD?
    11-05-10 04:30 PM
  2. sbi's Avatar
    Spent around 2.5 hours with BB on the phone last night. Turns out DM requires .NET Framework installed. Not sure how/why, but apparently during a Microsoft Windows update session several .NET Framework versions were installed on my computer and I guess it caused a conflict. Removed ALL .NET Framework and then run DM installation again, and the DM installation file will prompt you to download and install .NET Framework if it cannot find one. All is smooth now with version 6.

    I also learned, during the tech support session, is that the best way to remove an existing DM is with the DM Installation file. Removing it through add/remove programs and/or a 3rd party (Revo Uninstaller) did not remove it completely and caused issues. So if you have a bad installation of DM and you want to remove it - run the installation file (of the same version), that will take care of it.
    11-06-10 12:46 PM
  3. taxvictim's Avatar
    How did you remove all .NET Framework? I just DL'd the new desktop manager software to my work PC. The download did not go well. The BB software told me it needed .NET framework, and it proceeded to start downloading it from MS or BB. Then the download of that froze. Had to Ctrl+Alt+Del kill it.

    Then tried to DL again; this time it would not install at all and said I had to get .Net software, and to see the BB website for instruction.

    Tried to DL again, but this time told it to SAVE the file rather than RUN it. Once saved, I ran it and the software loaded completely with no error messages about .NET.

    Now, here's where the trouble really started: hooked up my phone, and it appeared and all the apps were listed properly on my desktop. I decided to delete a few stupid games, so I did that from the DM software. While it was processing, it gave me a warning that it could take 30 minutes to do this! Then the screen on the Torch came on, and started a video about how to use the touch screen.

    DM basically reconfigured my whole Torch! All custom settings disappeared. All WiFi networks disappeared. My email in messenger and all past text messages disappeared. All had to be reconfigured, including my email account. WTF? Now I'm afraid to ever hook the Torch up to my PC again.
    11-12-10 02:40 PM
  4. sbi's Avatar
    How did you remove all .NET Framework?
    Uninstall of all .NET was done from Control Panel/Add Remove Programs.
    11-17-10 05:39 PM
  5. hregaya's Avatar
    Uninstall of all .NET was done from Control Panel/Add Remove Programs.
    But, many applications request the .net framework when you install them, once the frameworks removed, how will they work correctly?
    11-17-10 07:34 PM
  6. sbi's Avatar
    But, many applications request the .net framework when you install them, once the frameworks removed, how will they work correctly?
    I am not sure how it effects it. Frankly, I never had an application that required .NET until DM. I found that .NET actually caused me many issues in general and I have Windows Update with .NET updates flashing at me all the time for the past 4-5 months and I refuse to update it.
    Spending time with BB on the phone, it appears that the problem with the .NET was that I had several installation of same and/or different versions. That's what prompted the tech to have me remove all .NET then do a clean install and during the clean install the DM installed the required .NET (and now I have only one installed (version 3.51 SP1 with Service Pack 2 for .NET 2 and .NET 3), but everything works perfectly fine now.
    11-17-10 07:49 PM