07-08-12 07:38 PM
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  1. bmcclure937's Avatar
    I know that there is an entire section of the CB forum devoted to Mac Users, but I wanted to create a specific thread for everyone to pronounce their allegiance lol I figured... if there is a thread devoted to BlackBerry Addicts... then there should be a similar one for Mac Users!

    I have been a Mac User my whole life, and I absolutely love it!! Now, I hope this does not turn into a flame war... or anything along those lines, so if you are not a Mac User and only feel like bashing... please refrain and leave it outta this thread. Exercise some open-mindedness here


    Currently, I am running a Macbook Pro 17" (Leopard). I also use Windows XP Pro SP3 (running on VMWare Fusion) for my Berry. On top of that, I use PocketMac to sync with iCal, etc. I thought it would be cool if people posted the Mac(s) they are using and how they sync their Berry, etc.

    So... all you Mac Users out there... have at it!! And throw up a '' to show you are 'legit'

    08-28-08 06:26 PM
  2. John Yester's Avatar
    My father just switched about a month ago to a Mac he loves it, now he is trying to switch me over lol
    08-28-08 06:30 PM
  3. ShortStop51001's Avatar
    AH!! YES!! Hi my name is Jenn and i'm a mac addict.

    I right now have a white MacBook...2.16GHz Intel C2D...120GB HD yadda yadda...LOL i also have a iPhone...yes an iPhone the antichrist here I have hot pink seethru speck cases on both my MacBook and my iPhone!

    I got all my friends to buy Mac's! They are fantabulous!
    08-28-08 06:37 PM
  4. meathead88310's Avatar
    Mac addict here. Just got an encase for my 13 inch lappy. very nice
    08-28-08 06:41 PM
  5. lawrence's Avatar
    Running a 2.4ghz macbook pro, and a sprint blackberry curve! Using pocketmac to sync!

    If I could only use one though, I'd pick the berry!
    08-28-08 06:49 PM
  6. WFLDEng636's Avatar
    Using a PowerBook G4, 1.50 GHz and an 8830. Syncing my contacts with PM. My iCal with Google sync and Busy Sync. I use REXWireless ToDoMatrix and IdeaMatrix for my tasks. I converted four people in my MBA class to switch to Mac's.

    I'm addicted to both my Mac and BB 
    08-28-08 09:43 PM
  7. MaggieMcCoy87's Avatar
    Love my Mac!! I have the back MacBook with 160 GB hard drive, I think its 2.20 ghz or something like that. 2 gigs of memory. SO glad I shelled out the extra money for the black!! Its amazing! I have turned on my dell maybe 5 times since I got my 'WhackBook' (that's its nickname, given by my bf who doesn't like Macs...but it started to stick in my head) form Christmas!

    Oh and I'm on wap so I can't make that little symbol... But I AM legit!

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    08-28-08 09:48 PM
  8. artypuppy's Avatar
    Love my Mac. easy to use and wonderful for artist! I have IMAC, Macbook pro, Ipod touch, and used to have an Iphone. Can you tell how much that I actually enjoy MAC? I did not keep my Iphone not because of the apple company. I just can not deal with ATT billing dept. So I give up the Iphone and join the BB also change the carrier! LOL
    08-28-08 09:53 PM
  9. imdakine1's Avatar
    Mac Geek here! I've had apples from the II+, IIC, IIE, GS, Mac Classic, Power Book G4 1.2, and now the MacBook 2.4 2gb 160HD. I have not attempted to sych my BB Curve with my Mac yet since I synch it to my windows tablet pc. Considering trying the Pocket Mac.
    08-28-08 10:10 PM
  10. Sonicjay's Avatar
    I love my Macs; I have a Penryn Macbook Pro, and a quadcore Mac Pro desktop, among a ton of other stuff.
    08-28-08 10:28 PM
  11. kjones07's Avatar
    I am running a mini with leopard. Husband has an iPhone and a MacBook Pro. I am syncing with pocketmac.
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    08-29-08 07:21 AM
  12. jrau13's Avatar
    Mac addict checking in!!

    My wife and I are Mac people. I have the Black Macbook and she is still rocking the iBook G4 running Leopard on both. I sync with PocketMac and its ok but would be really happy if RIM would finally make the real software for us Mac users.

    I am thinking about getting a new Macbook Pro in the coming year. Rumor is they are updating that line before the year is out.

    bmcclure937---where did you get that apple symbol or better yet how do you find it???
    08-29-08 09:39 AM
  13. vtone's Avatar
    I've been a  addict for a number of years now! I used to have an early pager-sized BB, from Earthlink, and loved it. Now, after getting frustrated with the Treo/Palm OS, I've decided to re-embrace the BB. The absolutely lame Mac connectivity is a real minus, though. I use Missing Sync which is great, much better than Pocketmac, but you still can't update the BB OS with it. Now I have to sit down at a friends Windoze to do a simple update-- that's not a very professional option on BB's part. I'm not going to install Windoze on my iMac because I don't want to buy a native version from MS. I love the BB user interface and keyboard, it's very elegant and intuitive. But the calendar/tasks productivity isn't near as refined as Palm. So I'm still giving it a trial run before I check out an iPhone-- the price/contract for an iPhone is a bit over the top IMHO.

    Glad to see that there's a place for Mac users on Crackberry.com!!!
    08-29-08 10:15 AM
  14. bmcclure937's Avatar
    On your Mac... Option-Shift-K makes the "Apple Symbol"

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    08-29-08 12:13 PM
  15. opiesusan's Avatar
    Mac addict here. Blackberry addict too. I use missing sync.
    PC's aren't allowed in our house. LOL!!!
    08-29-08 01:17 PM
  16. ScandaLeX's Avatar
    White MacBook 2.4/4GB 160HD & I dont sync it to anything other than my iPod Touch. Had the 1st Gen iPhone but sold it for $500. Yay Me! My initial induction to was the 5th Gen iPod 80GB which I gave to my son when I got my iPhone.

    The reason I sold it- I got bored with it. I wanted to experience all the "i"hype for myself instead of reveling in someone else's moment.

    I have a windows PC so all BB syncing is done that way.
    08-29-08 05:12 PM
  17. BioGenecide's Avatar
    Mac User/Apple Employee/Blackberry Master . . .ok maybe not master, but getting there.
    08-29-08 05:41 PM
  18. halliguy's Avatar
    Live in my motorhome/bus , run a iMac 17"(2007) w/Leopard , always teather with my BB Pearl , I use missing sync for syncing..No problems with any of this..I wouldn't change a thing on this end..
    Happy trails,
    08-30-08 07:39 AM
  19. Libuff's Avatar
    just changed my Sig to add the ...
    08-30-08 09:41 AM
  20. tito2's Avatar
     Finally...More mac users.... I have a macbook laptop for my own personal use and at home I have a Vista computer ...I love my mac and I also love my Blackberry...
    08-30-08 02:11 PM
  21. jimmers's Avatar
    Mac User here. MacBook Pro for personal use and a Whte MacBook issued from work. Both are running Leopard.

    MacBook Pro also has VMWare and Parallels installed. I think I like VM Ware over Parallels.

    For music I have both the original iPod nano and an 8GB iPod Touch.
    08-30-08 02:22 PM
  22. mchugh89's Avatar
    I have the iMac 24" and I'm a Mac newbie as well. . .This is my first Mac and I've only had it a couple of months. I have to use VM Fusion for my bookwork, no accounting programs that work well for a farm and Mac, so I had to corrupt it with Windows. I use Missing Sync for my bb cause I couldn't get Pocket Mac to work and I don't have any issues. I love my Mac!
    08-30-08 05:59 PM
  23. jm2hill's Avatar
    using 15" 2.4 macbook pro with 4gb of memory
    using the curve worked great with pocketmac
    going to pick up the bold tomorrow as far as I have heard pocketmac doesn't support it yet
    anyone want to prove me wrong?
    08-30-08 06:02 PM
  24. Salinger's Avatar
    I'm on a 24" iMac, just made the switch in May this year! I don't really consider myself a Mac addict, though I LURVE my iMac, and don't see me ever buying a Windows machine again. Wait, does that make me an addict?
    08-30-08 09:31 PM
  25. m1k3k's Avatar
    I have a MacBook, I sync the contacts with Missing Sync and for the calendars, I use Google Calendar/iCal/Google Sync but it doesn't work with .77 so I'm using Missing Sync for now until stuff works again.

    I'm a Apple Certified Systems Admin, Tech Coordinator, Help Desk and Notebook/Desktop Certified too.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    08-31-08 09:55 AM
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