1. alaviarin's Avatar
    My Mac Os X is too low for Desktop manager. My OS on my mac is 10.4.11. I don't really want to upgrade it for 100 dollars right now, is there an alternative "desktop manager" i can use? Or is there a lower version of Desktop manager that would work on my Mac and that would connect to my Blackberry Bold 9700?
    11-28-10 07:08 PM
  2. mkkitty's Avatar
    i wan on the same boat till i upgraded my mac to snow leopard a while ago just for my 9700. it's not worth the money you will spend. yeah i can sync the music from itune now but to sync pics, you have to have latest iLife with it. of course, you have to buy it right??
    i think the missing sync ($35-$40)works better at this point and it does everything you need it to.
    11-28-10 07:29 PM