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    My calendar entries won't sync in either direction. Mac OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion + Bold 9900

    I have the latest versions of both Blackberry Desktop Software for Mac and Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.2 Mac OS with all of the updates. I also have the latest device software on the Bold 9900.

    I have spent hours on the phone both with o2 and apple and nothing has worked. I have also fully uninstalled the Desktop software from my Mac, re-booted, repaired permissions and re-installed. Still doesn't sync.

    I am using the Calendar V6 software that is built into the Mountain Lion OS and it syncs and completes but no entries made on either device swap over so my handset has entries missing from my Mac and vise versa. After a sync my previously dismissed reminders on the handset re-appear so something is communicating across, just not my appointments.

    I am now pulling my hair out, running a business without an up to date calendar wherever I am is not possible. I've added test entries to every calendar on the Mac and also on the Handset, still nothing.

    Simple question... is the Blackberry Desktop Software for Mac fully compatible with Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.2? Seems non one knows. CrackBerry seems to be the most reliable place to go having been looking at other posts. Can you guys help me out and save me any more wasted time?

    Millions of Mac's are being shipped out around the world running mountain lion and us mac users have always been at the bottom of the pile. Time they made a good product that is compatible. Please, let us avoid any debates about Mac v's PC. I use both, just happens my main business machine is this mac so this is where I must find my fix for this issue.

    Someone please help me!
    11-07-12 11:54 AM

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