Hey guys, trying to strip down my OS and save some memory on my curve 8330 with boost mobile. I have a MAC though, and crackberry 101's tutorial on memory optimization is for PC only. Any ideas?
    09-12-10 07:30 PM
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    I would recommend dual booting with Windows if possible. It will save so many headaches. I've tried almost everything to take individual COD files out of my bb through OS X and can't find a good way.

    I use VMWare / Parallels and BBSAK to remove individual CODs, but I have run into issues with that also. Sometimes it doesn't remove it, sometimes it does, I have to unplug the BB from my laptop after it starts to reboot sometimes or else the phone just sticks at the start with the Red LED.

    I would not recommend updating or doing much beyond removing a few CODs with a virtual machine. I tried so many different times with a few different phones, and always have to use a physical Windows machine to finish the OS replacement.

    Otherwise, you can try MaxMem. It's an app that you run on your phone to take out stuff you don't need. But read up on it so you don't delete anything you want. Also read this entire thread before using it. I used it before I did much syncing with my laptop a very long time ago. So maybe things have changed.

    09-12-10 11:13 PM
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    Trying to get the link to post. It is being stubborn!

    You actually have quite a few options. You can strip the existing OS down using the link below. I have done this and have around 32mb at fresh boot running Boost 8330. Or you can reload the OS and use "Shrink OS" first. Or you can load a hybrid OS from BBtweaks. What ever you decide to do be thourough in your research. All these choices have pros and cons. If you decide to remove oem themes some 3rd party themes may not work. I have chosen to leave themes on my bb. Happy hunting.
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    I'll try to post this link again!!!


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