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    Hi everyone. I'm having a few problems with my blackberry 8900 since I've used the Mac Blackberry DM this morning. I've never had a problem with the DM on my Windows laptop.

    So, I selected the option to sync with more than one computer, and then after I synced all my contacts, calendars, and music, I did a full backup of the device. Once the sync and backup were complete, I unplugged the device and began to use it. It was a bit laggy so I did a battery pull to see if it was help. Once the 8900 booted up again, it gave me a media card error and said that I would need to use a disk utility to correct the error. Upon seeing this, I went into the media application on my 8900 to find that all of my media was GONE.

    What can I do to correct this problem? I'm not sure how to run the disk utility in a Mac, and I also dont know what exactly I should be doing within the Disk Utility. Should I reformat the card?

    This is the exact message I am recieving:
    "A media card has been inserted that contains errors. To correct the errorrs, please use a disk error checking utility on a computer"

    then after I hit "okay" it shows
    "A media card has been inserted"

    Any ideas on what may have caused this or what I should do?


    Okay, so I used the Disk utility in OSX to repair the disc, which did absolutely NO good. Then, not wanting to deal with it, I just used the blackberry itself to reformat the disc. Now I am in the process of putting music back onto the card.

    Heres the catch, I noticed that my BB was having duplicate entries in the calendar so before I re-synced the music, I changed the settings on the calendar to only update my computers calendar rather than syncing some entries from my Mac to the BB8900. Well, this time when I synced the calendar I got an error from the DM saying that a problem occured and that the Calendar wasnt synced. UGH.

    UPDATE 2----------------------------------------------------------------
    Okay, so now I have got duplicate calendars. So I went into the advanced options in the 8900 and deleted the Facebook calendar (that was the one giving me duplicates after the Mac DM sync) and once I did that, Duplicates started showing up again inside the calendar related to my other email addresses. So, I went into the WINDOWS DM, and went into advanced options and just completely removed all my calendar entries. By the end of that, all that was left in my calendar were the entries for my daily alarms. Happy, I started up google sync thinking that I was safe since all my calendar entries are in my google calendar. WRONG. Now, I'm only getting 2 or 3 entries for one of the five calendars I have in my Google Cal. What in the **** is causing all these problems, and most importantly, HOW CAN I FIX IT? I need all my calendar entries to sync from my google calendar to my BB 8900. UGH. Screw you, Mac DM.
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