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    I ran a sync this morning, and for some reason all of the events on my ical have disappeared. Everything is still on my phone, but I want it all on my computer as well. Can someone please help me get all of this info back onto my computer.
    03-09-09 11:59 AM
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    Are you running PocketMac? Missing Sync? The instructions are different depending on what you run.

    I found scheduleworld was an adequate "port in a storm" when my BB8830 stopped syncing last month. I installed the funambol/scheduleworld plugin and let it back everything up to a scheduleworld account I created especially for backup. Later, when Missing Sync wiped the calendar on my device, I was able to recover gracefully by doing an OTA sync with scheduleworld. On your Mac, you can import/export from scheduleworld and import/export from ical. Proceed with caution as the import/export from scheduleworld doesn't clearly identify what kind of file you are supposed to be getting and it doesn't provide a default extension during the save as process. Definitely a bug, but a minor bug. I know it's overkill but my data lives several places right now: MobileMe, Google contacts, Scheduleworld, iCal & address, my Blackberry and a full backup of my blackberry to a borrowed pc.

    Do you sync ical to mobile me? If so you might still have everything in mobile me. Do you sync ical to google calendar? If so you might still have everything on google calendar. Recovering from sync issues on OS X is bothersome. You often have to run isync and reset sync services at some point during the recovery process. You often end up having to reboot both the mac and the blackberry to get everything working again.

    Let's just say RIM doesn't have any respect for OS X. Whatever you do, get tech support either from RIM if you are running PocketMac or from Mark/Space if you are running Missing Sync. Now is not the time for haste. You are on the verge of losing your data. Slow down. Back everything up on your BB.* (* requires borrowed time on a pc and blackberry software for windows). Back up ical and address on your Mac ** (** You should back up ical and address from time to time by exporting to backup files. ) Get tech support now before you actually lose anything on ical AND your device.
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    03-09-09 01:00 PM
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    This has been a huge help for me. Thanks, r0K.
    03-14-09 01:09 PM