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    Hi, I just recently installed Desktop Manager 5.0 and attempted to update my Bold 9000, and complacently took its word for it when it said it would go ahead and backup everything in the process. It hung on step 10 waited for the device to reconnect, and now the phone is completely wiped as if I just bought it. The update claimed to have made a backup, and I do indeed have a folder with 56mb of junk in it, but Desktop Manager is offering no restore option. The last time I backed up the phone was before I switched to Windows 7, and I'm really not even sure where to look since XP didn't even have a "Users" folder like the current default.

    By last resort I have my numbers in a txt file on my computer but I sure hope there's some way I can reload whatever backup was made in the upgrade process instead.

    Any help is appreciated.
    03-17-10 05:57 PM