1. deevious_dee's Avatar
    I am trying to download the newest version of Blackberry Desktop Manager, someone hasta have another link to a site that can download it FASTER. I am currently downloading it at 16kbs, I mean COME ON RIM, you can't get more servers to download these things faster?
    03-25-10 01:05 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    You could be experiencing congestion elsewhere on the path between you and RIM. Have you tried canceling the download and starting over? You might get a better path.
    03-25-10 01:25 PM
  3. deevious_dee's Avatar
    Tried NUMEROUS times, it is RIM's site. I can't believe they are the most popular phone out there and they can't put money back into their systems so they can handle NUMEROUS downloads at a time, I mean they are right up there with Microsoft.
    03-25-10 01:34 PM
  4. jeffh's Avatar
    Have you checked to see if Sprint has it available for DL? Verizon does, but it requires a Verizon phone number.
    03-25-10 01:37 PM
  5. scouts36's Avatar
    Same issue here, Argentina.... Ive tried restarting download several times and it never goes faster than 12 KB/s... terrible!!!

    Any other site, besides the official RIM website?
    03-25-10 02:04 PM
  6. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    To the OP, you must have a crap connection. I downloaded at over 900Kb per sec .
    03-25-10 02:07 PM
  7. scouts36's Avatar
    Nope..... I have a 10 MB symetric connection.... ! My feeling, RIMs servers are completely saturated!
    03-25-10 02:10 PM
  8. deevious_dee's Avatar
    Have you checked to see if Sprint has it available for DL? Verizon does, but it requires a Verizon phone number.
    Where would I find out if Sprint does? If you could, would you PM me and help me get it faster?
    03-25-10 02:28 PM
  9. deevious_dee's Avatar
    O.K. now that was total BS, I was halfway through the Download, and The connection was RESET!!! WTF is goin on with RIM?!?!?! I swear they are worse than the US Government TAKE OUR MONEY, but don't want to give us ANYTHING in return!!
    03-25-10 03:36 PM
  10. 851490's Avatar
    i tried yesterday, downloading at 16k for 7 hours! when i got up this morning, error! this is pitiful
    03-27-10 07:58 AM
  11. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Heh. 5 minutes to download DTM. Glad I'm on a 15mbit cable connection. Gonna download again just to see what all the hooplah is about.

    Yep totally saturated. Only downloading @ 795KB/sec. Darn............
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    03-27-10 08:02 AM