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    Hi, I recently moved to where there is no internet, so tethering is my home network now. I got it working without VZaccess manager, but I always have to have desktop manager up and running, which is really annoying because it asks for passwords and tries to automatically update my phone, and is just another annoying open window running in the background...

    Anyone know of a way to load the necessary drivers without actually opening DM? I just want to be able to connect the phone and hit dial without having to click through a bunch of dialog boxes. I know that the drivers seem to stay loaded for a while after closing DM, but then they unload after some unspecified time. Also I realize that I don't have to click any dialog boxes to dial a connection, but if I don't click through them, then I have annoying open dialog boxes sittin in the background...

    any ideas?
    07-22-10 01:02 PM
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    ok, I think I just figured it out... in DM settings there is an option to start DM with windows... that seems to do the trick.
    07-23-10 12:07 AM