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    Is this available anywhere? I've Googled and searched these forums but can't find such a list. I'm particularly interested in Tasks. Have tried the Organizer Advanced settings and it shows mappings for the fields I need, but they don't seem to sync as the native Berry PIM (I think) doesn't use many of them. So I want to cehck it out.

    Currently using DM 6..1.0.36

    TIA - R.
    02-27-12 01:19 PM
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    Well, ehre's a linkl to the closest thing I've found yet - the field mappings for migrating data from a Palm OS device (PD) or Windows Mobile device (WMD) to a BlackBerry smartphone using the PIM data migration wizard.

    KB04346-Field mapping list for the PIM Data Migration Wizard 0 2087408941

    Interestingly enough, it shows Task Start Date on a Windows device being mapped to Task Start Date on the Blackberry. So why isn't the Task Start Date showing in the Task app on the Berry? And why doesn't DM sync it when it's mapped?

    - R.
    02-27-12 11:00 PM