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    Q10User Guide page 27 states Link to be used to save old device files from old phone to transfer to Q10. My installation of Link only recognizes PC, and states that my BBID is invalid or not working, and does not see the Curve at all, but dumped me into an update of BBDM. However BBID worked well enough to log me in and find everything on the PC. Failure to fix this will keep me from buying Q10!!!
    06-25-13 07:47 PM
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    It will, when you plug your q10 in and get it going, you'll have to option to switch from an old device. It will then backup all the stuff from your old phone and place it on your q10.

    On a related note. Depending on what you need restored, on 10.1 software and later, they give you a one time "Restore from BB Protect" option. So if your os6 device is being backed up, you can restore all your data from there. I just dont know what files your talking about it.
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    06-25-13 08:00 PM
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    you have to connect the Q10 firt then press ok. then your curve then it'll back it up then you q10 will put everything on your curve onto the Q10

    BlackBerry Z10 Support - How To Demo BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone Help 101

    good luck
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    06-25-13 08:02 PM
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    Not sure why you're having so many issues, everything went perfectly fine for me but then again, I moved from a 9900. Have you gone through the process of setting up the Q10 first? That's kind of an essential first step. Also, you're post is a bit confusing.. lol. "Failure to fix this will keep me from buying Q10!!!".. sounds like you already bought it.
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    06-25-13 08:10 PM
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    Thanks. All answers clarified that I need to set up Q10 first, although User Guide does not indicate that at all, and in fact does not specify setting up Q10 first in using Link for transfers. I was having no "issues" per se; I merely downloaded and read the manual before deciding to act on a purchase. Also, I do have BB protect and have tested that without invoking Q10 also.
    06-25-13 09:33 PM