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    Today I picked up 2 Z10's!!! One for my daughter and one for me.

    I used BB Link on my Win7-64 laptop to switch my data (contacts, bbm.etc.) from my Torch 9860 to my Z10. Was all done in less than 10 minutes. I'm now using the Z10 and all my data came across but NOT MY CONTACTS AND CALENDAR INFO..

    Not so slick on my daughter's phone though. After using mine as a guinea pig, I plugged in her 9860 to do the same thing. During the part of the process where it is copying data from her previous device, it gets stuck as shown on the attached screenshot.

    Link error:  "smart card options 1 of 1"-link-error.jpg

    It got stuck there for over an hour. All I can do is cancel.

    I checked her "smart card" settings. They were the same as mine. Neither of us have ever used a smart card reader with the phone.

    Her phone is on OS 7.0 and mine is on OS 7.1.

    I was able to backup her 9860 using BB-DS, the latest version. When it got stuck doing the backup, I used the tips in other threads about turning off the backup for social feeds in the custom backup settings and it worked. So we do have a good backup file for her phone. Unfortunately, that file cannot be used as a source for a "restore" onto the Z10.

    I tried using DS to upgrade her phone to 7.1 but it got stuck during the backup part of the upgrade process. It was at 8 of 160-some contacts and just sat like that for about half an hour.

    I tried using the mediacard transfer feature but it was only 6% done after half an hour.

    I was able to use Bluetooth to transfer my contacts from the Torch to the Z10 but BT can't be used to transfer calendar data.

    Really shi++y. Quite frustrating.
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