1. njrepoman's Avatar
    My Z10 was not syncing to Link. I tried deleting it, and there seems to be no way to add it back.
    Today my Z30 arrives and I need to switch them!
    I already tried deleteing and re-installing Link.

    To clarify: Link was working with my Z10, let's call it "Ralphie" listed in my Link list of devices. Then one day several weeks ago, it stopped connecting. Not via USB, not via wireless.
    I then deleted "Ralphie" from Link. I was hoping it would rediscover it. It does not.
    I removed and reinstalled Link. Nothing. Now what?
    Running Mac OS10.
    08-01-14 08:45 AM
  2. njrepoman's Avatar
    Is anyone responsible for supporting this product?
    08-01-14 09:51 AM

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