1. rennardd's Avatar
    Of all the things I'm excited about, and I am incredibly excited about the Passport.

    I wish I saw more information in the media, advertising on social media, and trending social conversations on BlackBerry Blend.

    I think this is something we can all get the word out on and will no doubt only add to the attractiveness of Passport. Everyone has now heard of the phone but no one (the average consumer) seems to no the added value of Blend that comes with it.

    What do you think?

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    09-25-14 02:40 PM
  2. Tornado99's Avatar
    Get me a link to a nice video intro to blend and I'll be posting to my BBM groups and BBM contacts on other phones....


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    09-25-14 02:52 PM
  3. Jeroen Vos's Avatar
    Blend rollout sucks in my honest opinion. They should have made it available for everyone at the same time. Now the BB10 adapts that took the leap in early are left out of greatness for a few moths again. And so the waiting starts... again!

    Don't get me wrong, I truly love my Blackberry's and will be looking out for a Passport as soon as it's on display here. But BlackBerry should be paying more attention to their small existing userbase. These are the people that get the word out.

    For example. I keep defending my BlackBerry as it has functionality that I don't get in a droid or iPhone. But hardly anyone believes that. Blend would be awesome to just show and get people to look into bb10 and the Passport.

    Get the buzz, make your customers sell your devices, make a big boom when releasing new devices. Do something people don't expect from BlackBerry. Pre deliver instead of slowly jet again...

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    09-25-14 03:26 PM
  4. MADBRADNYC's Avatar
    Nah. No thanks. BlackBerry has a very well paid marketing staff for that. They can do their own job. I'll support them by purchasing devices as should be.

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    09-25-14 03:54 PM
  5. VR6's Avatar
    How? no one has it!

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    09-25-14 06:47 PM
  6. Tornado99's Avatar
    I just sent the CB homepage blend article with video demo out to my Droid BBM contacts....
    A closer look at BlackBerry Blend from the BlackBerry Passport launch
    Video is the first image in the article.

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    09-25-14 08:04 PM
  7. boody78's Avatar
    Trust me, as soon as I have it for my z10 I will be showing everyone!

    It's kinda lame to be like "Hey check out this awesome thing my Blackberry might be able to do at some point, your iphone sucks balls!"
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    09-25-14 08:11 PM

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