1. EgoAleSum's Avatar
    I have a Torch 9800 and I keep it synced with my Mac.

    I have some problems with Media synchronization, with the last version of BB Desktop Software.

    While I was using 1.x, everything worked fine... But then, as I updated to Desktop Manager 2.0, I started encountering many issues with Music!
    I want the software to synchronize some playlists from my iTunes library into the BlackBerry, for a total of about 8 GB of music + one podcast.

    With Desktop Manager 2.0, Music synchronization is incredibly SLOW: when it has copied all songs, it keeps showing "Registering multimedia content" (or something like that: my app is not in English) for 5+ minutes.
    Since a few days ago, also, playlists are not synced anymore: the music is there, but the "Playlist" section in the music player is empty.
    I really need the playlists, as I've always used them to manage my music, and to choose what I'd like to listen most...

    Any hint?

    Thank you in advance.
    12-29-10 10:58 AM
  2. chirmer#CB's Avatar
    I have had enormous issues syncing as well. I plug in my Tour and the software registers that I have 1.9 gigs used (which is correct) but when I go to the media, specifically the music, tab it says I have nothing synced... then when I try to sync playlists it adds on top of what I already have used, which makes no sense as I'm trying to sync the playlists already on my phone! It's extremely frustrating. Then I open up Windows 7 through Parallels Desktop to try and sync through the Windows version, which for some reason still has more features than the Mac (could RIM REALLY not make them the same??) and it won't even register that my phone has media on it...

    It's driving me crazy
    12-29-10 11:41 AM