1. domolsz's Avatar
    I have been extensively using Blend since its lunch and I love it. I type messages in two languages: English and Polish. Polish language has some special characters which are generated by pressing ALT+Letter (e.g. ALT+a=ą, ALT+e=ę, ALT s=ś).

    Following the update of Blend to 1.2 pressing ALT+s while typing email sends the message to the recipients. It used to be the case in previous version of Blend but I believe it only worked if the Windows language was set to English. If Windows language was set to Polish pressing ALT+s did not cause the message to be sent.

    This problems makes typing in Polish very cumbersome, especially if your are a fast typer and there is no time to think letter "ś" is coming up. I already sent o dozen of half finished messages by mistake. Anyone else found a similar problem, perhaps in other languages ALT+s is also used for special characters? Any ideas for a solution?

    07-15-15 11:01 AM
  2. JackeezDH's Avatar
    Same issue here... It's very annoying to send incomplete messages after using polish letter "ś" = alt+s.

    Shortcut ctrl+enter is good enough!
    07-29-15 04:33 AM

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